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A tale of romance at the end of a social order, and how nothing matters more than love.

A dark fairy-tale anthology. Take a step back, back to when happy endings were not the norm, back to when fairy tales were designed to be dark tales to teach morals to queens, kings and children alike.
An anthology of post-apocalyptic tales. The year is 2165. Our world has been devastated by nuclear war, intense climate change, rampant disease, accidentally manufactured plague and strict regimes.
Hart Unedited focuses on intimate themes of love, politics, growing up, and of course, science fiction.
In this collection, Odin Halvorson explores love, science fiction, and the meaning of life in a vast universe.
A collection of contemporary contemplative poetry, written in various meters and styles.
James Allen's original inspirational text on the power of the mind to create a good life, for the first time abridged and annotated for the secular reader.
The world’s premier publisher of Asian forms in English. Issue 9.