Short Bio

Odin Hartshorn Halvorson is a life-long Science Fiction and Fantasy devotee. An MFA student at USM’s Stonecoast program, Odin publishes short stories while honing novel-length projects. Beyond writing, Odin serves on Socrates Café’s advisory board and spends more time watching classic sci-fi with his partner than is probably healthy.

Long Bio

Odin Hartshorn Halvorson began telling stories to entertain himself as a kid and it generally spiraled out of control from there. First came the custom Dungeons and Dragons settings when he was ten. Then he began penning short stories and successful National Novel Writing Month challenges through his teens. Now, he publishes short stories and poetry while working on longer-form epic fiction. Driven by a passion for knowledge and a love of all things Science Fiction and Fantasy, Odin obtained his BFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College before entering the Stonecoast MFA program out of the University of Southern Maine. He worked for two years as editor and then senior editor of the Duende literary magazine and worked as poetry editor for the Stonecoast Review. In his spare time, Odin plays Dungeons and Dragons, volunteers for the Socrates Café non-profit as a member of their advisory board, and watches more classic science fiction with his partner than is probably healthy. He lives in Northern California with his partner and their murderous cats.