Odin Hartshorn Halvorson

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author, Poet, and Freelance Writer

Odin Hartshorn Halvorson is a writer, poet, geek, and hopeful futurist. His work has been published in Book XI: a journal of literary philosophy, Eastern Structures, Duende Literary, The Stonecoast Review, and two anthology collections from Enso Publishing. He has also self-published three poetry collections, including a chapbook of ELH Haiku. He writes avidly for his Medium.com blog @indubitablyodin, with pieces like Hard Work: The Greatest Con, and “Becoming Superman” The Book All Writers Need to Read receiving critical attention.

Odin in the World

Odin currently serves as managing editor for the Stonecoast Review.​ Previously, Odin served as the senior editor for the literary magazine Duende before leaving to pursue a Masters degree from the internationally-lauded Stonecoast writing program. Duende is dedicated to exploring diverse and unrecognized voices from around the world, especially engaging with overlooked minorities.

For six years, Odin directed the audio-video department for the Pacific Zen Institute, a West Coast-based Buddhist organization.

He currently holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College.


In 2017 Odin joined the advisory board for the nonprofit Socrates Cafe/Democracy Cafe, an international organization spearheading work related to democracy and the development of open societies.

Odin regularly volunteers for the Office of Letters and Light, the non-profit responsible for the National Novel Writing Month event. As a Municipal Liaison, Odin has helped to foster a stronger writing community within his county.

Odin is a year-round volunteer for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. In 2020, he worked on the 2020 Nebula Awards as a member of the tech support team, helping to bring the largest online convention in history to fruition.